Business Benefits
Capture every sales opportunity

Sales happens everywhere and anywhere, when you're ready for it and when you least expect it. Kurryer was designed to help your sales team connect with prospects and customers whenever and wherever they may be. That's why thousands of sales professionals are using Kurryer selling products for Fortune 100 companies.

Here's how Kurryer can help you and your organization:

Know what your customers know

Your most compelling product content is available for customers on the internet, be it your web site, YouTube, social networks or blogs. Your customers review that content and know it inside and out. Does your sales team? Kurryer helps your sales team connect with customers at their level using their content, not using a separately built internal-only version. Put your best content in front of your sales team and then measure their knowledge with built-in assessments.

Connect with every customer you meet

What happens when one of your sales team members meets a new prospect at a tradeshow, conference or business dinner? Like most of us, they end up sending the dreaded "I hope you remember me" email and lose the opportunity. Kurryer's Mobile Sales Portal allows your team to deliver personalized emails with your product information on the spot and track the results. Help your team be ready for business anytime, anywhere and never lose a chance to connect with a customer again.

Personalize every customer interaction

Today's customers are looking for a sales advisor, not a sales person. They want a knowledgeable advocate they can connect with, a task made harder in a world driven by sales pipelines and automation. Kurryer makes every interaction personal by integrating the sales person's own image and information into every document, message and email we deliver. Allow your team to leverage their personal brand in making connections and everyone wins.

Spend more time with customers

Your sales team has a simple mission: guide customers to make the best decision about your product. Unfortunately they spend hours each week in 10-15 minute bites tracking down the information and tools to address customer needs. Kurryer gives your team that time back by making it easy to get the information that's needed to the customer in seconds. What's more, Kurryer can do that on the road through the mobile portal, making your team even more successful!

Align your marketing and sales execution

Marketing and content investment happens where execution is measurable. Unfortunately sales team execution is often ad-hoc and not measured at all. Kurryer tracks the execution by sales person, content item, and time thus providing your marketing team with visibility as to what's working and where. Measure the success of different initiatives and help your marketing and sales teams optimize their execution.