What is Kurryer?
The First and Only Social Sales Portal

Kurryer combines the best qualities of social networking with sales enablement to create an experience that is optimized for your sales team. Kurryer is easy to use and engaging but is designed from the ground up for sales and marketing execution, customer connections, and opportunity capture.

Kurryer is the right way to bring social to sales.

Here is what Kurryer can do:


Web + Mobile Social Sales Portal

Kurryer is available to your team whenever and wherever they need it. Use Kurryer from your web browser, tablet or mobile device and never miss an opportunity again.

Instant Access to Sales Tools

Kurryer brings together your team's documents, videos, images, and web links into one portal no matter where they live. And Kurryer's one-click sharing gets those tools in the hands of customers where they are dynamically updated, personalized with the sales person's info, and tracked.

Team Social Media Delivery

Social media is becoming a valuable new tool for customers and sales teams to connect. Kurryer provides your team with an easy to use vehicle for delivering business messages to their networks in a brand-managed, tracked fashion. Get the analytics you need to multiply your reach to and through your team.

Easily Deployed Assessments

Publishing information is important, but not as much as making sure your sales team knows what they're talking about. Kurryer provides you with a built-in assessments tool that can measure team readiness for launches and campaigns. Put together a new assessment in minutes and know who's ready to sell.

Team Execution Incentives

Our goal is the same as your goal: helping customers connect with your information and your team. Kurryer doesn't just measure how your team executes – it can also reward them. Put together a quick and effective “points per click” program in place and leverage our catalog of 400,000 items, travel, and event tickets.

Advanced Management and Analytics

Personalize your portal for your team with colors, images and logos then align the content to your product and campaign strategy. Deliver your resuable sales tools across your enterprize and control access by user or group. Afterwards use our data warehouse to drill down and export data on a range of execution KPIs by user, date/time, asset, product, campaign, and delivery vehicle. Kurryer is 100% designed for you and your team.

Support your External Sales Partners

Kurryer isn't just for your sales team, it's also perfect for your resellers. Put together the tools, content and social media they need to get your message out there and capture new opportunities. Measure execution in a consistent manner across your partner channel and reward them for their efforts. Kurryer is uniquely designed to work with internal and external sales networks.

Web Content Syndication

Customers today look for the best and most compelling content wherever they may be, including on your channel partners' sites. Kurryer's content syndication is easy to set up for both you and your partners and is market proven with the only 99.999% CDN solution available. Make sure customers find and use your content on your partners' sites and create new business connections for them in the process.

Sales Tools and Giveaways Store

If you have branded apparel, backpacks, and giveaways then you've struggled with how to deliver them to your field and channel. Kurryer includes a complete store experience for all your tools and giveaways. The store supports flexible payments using points or credit cards and is easily extended with coupons and value cards. Help your sales team and partners round out their customer outreach efforts with your branded items.

Enterprise Integration and Deployment

Kurryer's platform is hosted in the cloud for easy deployment and can also be integrated into your enterprise systems via our extensive API. Deliver leads and connections to your CRM, integrate content publishing with your CMS or Social tools, automatically export data from our system to yours and extend the system with custom items not available elsewhere. Let us show you how Kurryer can be an integrated part of your enterprise systems.